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We are the Smart Penguins of Club Penguin. We are one of the best medium armies in Club Penguin Warfare. We have three divisions namely, AUSIA, UK and US division!

We were started as a tracking chat by Vivek, our founder and we turned into an army when Vivek was persuaded by his friend to turn it into an army. We started holding events from September 2013 and have risen ever since.

 If you are completely new to CP armies you can check out our beginner’s guide by clicking here.

First of all, you have to post a comment on our join page. You can do that by clicking here.

You will be given a rank within 24 hours. You can see yours by clicking here.

Also, ensure that you know about the uniform which we wear at battles!

We communicate with each other during events through a xat chat.
You can enter our chatbox by clicking here. Please be there as much as possible!


Still confused about how to join?

1. Go to our Join page. You can do so by clicking here >>>> JOIN

2. Answer the given questions in a comment by using the copy-paste technique, and then post the comment.

3. After that, talk to us by coming to our chat. You can do so by clicking here >>>> CHAT

Now that you are familiar with us you can go ahead and check out our army’s activities!


Remember to read the posts often! Click here to do so!


  1. vivekspleader

    Welcome to The Smart Penguins Army of CP Join us here : smartpenguinsofcp.wordpress.com/join/.
    And chat with us by clicking Chat in our Blog.


    Hello Please join.

  3. Hey plz join Smart Penguin Army it will be smartastic!

  4. What a Smart Penguin is.

  5. Hello! I’m a Laura6631

  6. Club Penguin Name: KittyWisker9,

    Have been in a CP army? If yes, then what rank?: I cannot remember,

    How did you find SP?: Recruited,

    Where do you live? [Asia/Australia, UK or US]: US,

    Will you come to our chat whenever possible?: Yes.

  7. Hello. I’m Jess the new mod at Smart Penguins.

  8. my xat is not working.so i cant come online – Akshay(3ic)

  9. guys you should join SP it’s smartastic

  10. Its me Jedi cant come on laptop not working its powering on and being stuck with a point blinking

  11. Oh btw I can check site rarely cus of my phone its too bad so it wont liad chat and say this to katty and acp guys aswell :p till then India vs west indies 1st test from 21st 😎

  12. Club Penguin Name: PenguiFriend

    Have been in a CP army? If yes, then what rank?:No

    How did you find SP?: Recruited,

    Where do you live? [Asia/Australia, UK or US]: US(CST)

    Will you come to our chat whenever possible?: Yes.

  13. Its been alot time since I said something here.. So whats up biszhezz

  14. After you say a frikin solution to make my laptop work,I dont wanna give it for repair its a small problem just cant figure out how to solve it

  15. Mm I will.. If you gimme the damn money my family wont give it for repair

  16. It will if u understand how poor I am ———______________———:-):-(;-):-P=-O:-*:OB-):-$:-!:-[O:-):-\:'(:-X:-Do_O:-/x-(:-|<3:-VXD:-Q:-@:-C:-O

  17. Well they both are cheap ones actually and I had to beg a lot to get em and my laptop it was gifted to me by my cousin

  18. I am not 15 and ppl in India dont do part time job till they r 18 and mostly…. my school is from 7 am to 7 pm if I do part time job after that when am I supposed to relax……

  19. Its been 19 days got anything to say except for my laptop?

  20. been 29 days I said something and why did super left?

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